Handling Negative Reviews

I am a firm believer in acknowledging follower feedback whenever possible, good or bad. The negative reviews and feedback can be a great opportunity turn a negative into a positive. I responded to the adverse comments by either acknowledging their disappointment, offering ways to help or presenting counterpoints to support our company's editorial decisions. When other people see how we respond to criticism, this allows them to see our company values and that our page isn't just a content RSS Feed.

Motivational Posts

A significant portion of the Facebook audience for the Lung Institute either have a lung disease diagnosis or knows someone with lung disease. Each week, we'd offer a motivational quote to help inspire our audience to keep their heads up through the power of positive thinking and not give up. Things we learned when doing social media aimed at an older audience is to reference relevant people to their era. A motivational quote by Steve Jobs isn't going to have the same impact as one by Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, or Frank Sinatra.

Facebook Live Video

As Facebook Live gained popularity, we experimented with ways to utilize this technology. We had one of our Lung Institute clinic staff members answer questions - some from followers, some planted - about our treatment. We learned our older demographic isn't used to tuning in for something on the internet, so not many people were on when the event was live. But we did make sure to go back and answer as many questions as possible after the video was complete.